Akkarbar the Bold and Djinn workings for anything you need.

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$ 40.00

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The Djinn are an often misaligned and misunderstood. They are not spirits but actual living entities of hyper energetic vibrations, intense frequencies and of interdimensional origins. 
Akkabar is a spirit of the Arabian division in my personal spiritual court. In life he was a master Djinn summoner, oracle, warrior and well versed in Goetic magic.
With Akkabar, I am able to summon and pact work with you for ANY reason. 
Akkabar comes to me from my first Godfather who spent a number of years under the tutelage of a Cambodian sorcerer who was a Djinn binder and expert necromancer. 
His linage was of Buddhist, Muslim, and native Cambodian magical religion.
He was able to sacrifice animals to spirits, resurrect them, and sacrifice them a second or even third time. Moral objections aside, he conveyed that power to my Godfather who lineage was transmitted to me.... its powerfu.
Summoning Djinn is a true art and it must be passed from teacher to student. I have license to summon and pact with these multiverse entities and bring their talents to aid whatever need you have.
Drop me a line and let me and Akkabar know how we can lend you our support with the Djinn.