Authentic Spirit Guide Doll


$ 600.00

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Very few opportunities will strengthen your spiritual matrix, develop your natural psychic/mediums-hip abilities, and bring you closer to the "other side", as developing a relationship with your very own spirit guide doll.
You order a spirit guide doll. I, and all my spirit guides read your personal spiritual court, and contact your own personal spirit guides who walk with you. We then ask which of your spirit guides will be the most beneficial for you to have in a spirit doll. 
I guarantee you will cherish your spirit doll for the rest of your life.
Your spirit guide doll will likely be made through my linage of Palo Mayombe. Through medium-ship, speaking with my guides and your guide; your spirit doll will be made to suit the wants, and needs of your own spirit guide. 
However, it could be that your spirit guide may want to come through the spiritual division of Sanse/21 divisions Dominican Voudu, and will make for just as strong and powerful a spirit guide doll. 
Working with you spirit guide doll is by far one of the most important, and beneficial relationships anyone, especially someone wanting to hone their psychic/medium-ship abilities, can develop.
Your spirit guides work primarily for you, and no one else (however, there may come a time when the strength of your relationship is such, that you can do work for others with your spirit guide doll). 
Besides your ancestor, no other spirits are as genuinely concerned for your wellbeing as your own spirit guides. The depth of wisdom they wish to share with you is nothing short of inspiring, and amount of spiritual health, and protection they offer you is staggering.