Chief Loa: Baron Samedi service for any reason.

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The Baron Samedi is emperor of the Ghede nation (spirits of the dead who agree to follow Ghede protocols), and all Ghede bow to him. The Baron Samedi is one of the three Kings of Vodou, and among the mightiest of magicians. and healers. In our linage of Vodou, the Baron Samedi, is a 33rd degree Mason and authorizes or ceases all masonic magic.

Baron Samedi can be petitioned for anything, however he is most often called upon in matters of healing, money, retribution, and protection. 

As a priest of Vodou and Palo Mayombe, it is my duty to fight for justice and crush evil. I am honored to have a mighty spiritual emperor such as Baron Samedi to help me win all battles. Whatever your cause, Baron Samedi is a ruler you want on your side. Lastly I will do a personal reading for you and ask Baron Samedi if he has any advice to improve your life...often he does.  

Papa Machete que gana todas las batallas

"The Machete leads the way and defends ALL who follow".