Clean & Clear your spiritual body and frame candle work.

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$ 15.00

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Life makes you dirty, not just your body, but your spirit too. Well all need a deep spiritual cleansing now and then. This work helps to clean and clear up not only your own spiritual aura, but your spiritual frame. Your spiritual frame is made up of your spiritual body and also includes your own personal spiritual court. Your spiritual court is comprised of usually 5 to 7 spirits who's only mission is to look after you and aid in your elevation. However life has a way of disrupting our spiritual court and this can cause all sorts of problems. We often lose connection with important spirit guides, or even have spirits enter our frame who are not supposed to be there. This creates confusion, depression, and stagnation. This work will resolve many issues for you as well as make a clean, and fresh your spiritual frame... it is not to be overlooked and should be done one every 3 to 6 months.