Daemon Guland Astral Vampire Attack

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$ 300.00

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This is without question a true BLACK MAGIC working. As such I reserve the right to preform divination for my own peace of mind in order to ascertain if the target truly warrants such an action against them. Under the direction and assistance of the daemon Guland, Guland and I go on a series of night flights hunting the target, bringing him or her terrifying nightmares while devouring their astral body. This IS vampirism in it's true form. I am one of very few people who have been initiated into this practice and as such can actually accomplish it. The target usually becomes paranoid, they can't sleep which renders them continually fatigued, they become sick and can not heal. Their health gets increasingly worse, their mental capacity breaks down, emotional stability takes a downward spiral, and well... what happens, happens. Its called "black magic" for a reason. This is not to be taken lightly. I would ask that you have a very real reason to want this working, but sometimes it is what it is, and the target is more than deserving. Send me a message about this working before purchase and lets figure out if this is indeed "is what it is". My email is tataengando@gmail.com