Familiar Binding Powder of Sirchade

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The lore of the Witch has always included his, or more prominently her, familiar. 
A familiar is an animal bonded to the Witch and enhances the Witch’s work through various means. 
A familiar is not simply a pet cat nor is it any animal the Witch claims to have an “affinity” with. 
The process of obtaining a familiar is a ritual bonding that includes pacts being made, and the intended animal familiar being infused with both the blessings of a chosen daemon and the life energy of the Witch or Magician of whom it will serve. 
This ritual process is magic, sorcery and spiritism at its most raw. 
The base of this familiar bonding ritual is a magical powder that is mixed in with the food of the intended animal familiar, along with two other key ingredients that are disclosed once the powder is purchased, at the time of ritual bonding. 
According to my Goetic linage the formula for this exact magical powder came directly from the daemon Sicharde during a black table spiritism session in France circa mid-1800s. Sicharde took possession of a large black dog, walked up to the lead medium and spoke the ingredients to him in a low human voice.  Sicharde then bit the medium’s leg, drawing blood, and saying such potent magic has a price. The black dog became medium’s familiar, living at least sixty years with the medium and disappearing the night of the medium’s death. 
This powder is of course completely safe to the animal and is in no-way toxic. It wouldn’t make a lick of sense to poison the animal you desired for a familiar…
The benefits of having a familiar are many and great. 
A tangible sense or pure spiritual connection, the ability to feel through the animal’s senses, and the psychic communication between the both of you which are developed over time are truly unique. The familiar empowers you and your ritual space with its energy and the blessing of the pacted Daemon. The spirit of the familiar defends you in the astral world, and you can command the familiar to deliver magic, spy on, and other various functions that you will discover through time. 
Along with the Familiar Binding Powder of Sicharde a full list of protocol and workings will be included so the witch or magician can reap all the rewards of such a sorcerous endeavor.