Goetia Call of the Hunt Powder: Sirchade Lychanthorpic Mysteries of Astral Warefare.

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The choir of once distant howls is now suddenly unnervingly close, and your heart begins to pound in response.
 The night’s darkness fell much sooner then you anticipated, the last trace of the sun’s rays languish behind the western mountains as a terrible mixture of desperation and despair flood in where hope once was. The night air brings with it the stinging cold, and a stern wind rushes through the winter torn trees with a dreadful whistle. Try as you might to muffle your footfalls, each step seems to snap yet another twig, or crumple more dead leaves.  
Behind you a chain of howls, now so close it pierces your ears. 
You tried to stay quite and hidden, but the frigid wind carried your scent right to them. The howling gets even louder, now you can make out growls and snarls.  Your heart thumps so hard in your chest you swear they can hear it and you decide your only choice is to break headlong into the pitch black forest in front of you. 
You sprint so hard you can’t breathe but you dare not stop to try. You feel the first nip at your heel, and you almost get taken down, but you recover. Moments latter another but this time you feel the awful strength of the wolf’s jaws as it’s teeth perforate the back of your calf and clamp down. 
You fall hard face first onto an uncertain ground, something jagged and unforgiving hard, probably a protruding tree root, punctures the side of your face. 
You feel a rapid accumulation of crushing weight on your back as wolf after wolf pounces on top of you. Limb after limb they tear and shred from you. The wolves bite deep into the back of your neck and then lower spine to get at your kidneys. Your consciousness fades, and the intense pain along with it. 
In your final moments you realize you should never have come here…
The goetic daemon Sirchade is the cruel heart of all such events, and anyone who I have deemed worthy of the effort to employ this powder from Sirchade’s Lycanthropic Arcanum against experiences similar in their dream time. 
Waking up screaming soaked in perspiration and urine is just the very unfortunate beginning. These wounds have not been delivered to their dream body but to their astral body and the repercussions are dire.
The amount of their astral body shorn off and devoured away is more than most people can recover from. In direct reflection their physical body falls into a dismal state, with sickness or calamity filling the voids with a startling quickness. However, my magical energy, heath and good fortunes are strengthened and empowered by the assimilation of theirs. 
This powder comes from the Lycanthropic mysteries of the goetic daemon Sirchade’s personal arcane alchemical lore. A tiny pinch of this powder is sprinkled into the palm of your hand, and lightly patted and rubbed all over your face and the rest of the your naked (or mostly naked) body (better  if this is down in view of a full moon) stirs the influence of Sirchade and settles his focus on you. 
Sirchade trumpets the start of the hunt, and you begin to heed its irresistible call…..
Full instructions of the evoking of Sirchade for this purpose are included as are tried and true methods of body astral projection, lucid dreaming and trance work. Also included in this package is a primer on astral hunting, what to do and you can expect. 
A single bottle has enough powder to aid in months of astral work.