Goetic Divination by means of Astragals over any Goetic Daemon you choose

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$ 25.00

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Due to its accuracy, astragals otherwise known as dice throwing, is among the oldest forms of divination.

The assigning of meaning to number outcomes, dice position, landing location and within bounds or out of bounds holds auspicious worth.

Couple that with the particular frequency or vibration of a particular Goetic Daemon astragals are cast over, and one can get surgical level exactness in accuracy concerning the question. 

With this order you can have up to 15 questions asked. 

If you are uncertain of which Goetic Daemon to have me cast dice over, I will divine which Daemon has the best perspective, not only for the questions themselves but how they relate to you personally. 

I do that reading free of charge.

I also include all messages I receive during the divination as sometimes it becomes part astragals and part medium session. 

I normally read over the Daemon found in the Grimorium Verum, but if you want a Daemon from the 72 Ars Goetia, that is just as effective.