Goetic Lycanthropic Formula of Sicharde

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This extremely rare formula of medieval alchemy is used by me personally in my Goetic work for both magical and religious reasons. The very existence of this formula hints to an ancient and deeply animistic practice with Goetic daemons that went largely unrecorded by the authors of various grimiores.

Information on the daemon Sicharde is minimal save for the brief accounting in the Grimiorium Verum which acknowledges his sway over animals.

I must remain guarded in what I reveal about Sicharde. I can say he is a true man-beast commanding grand influence over the physical, spiritual and magical qualities of all animals; birds, reptiles, mammals, insects and fish.

It should not be surprising that Sicharde is the keeper of the lycanthropic mysteries, mysteries almost forgotten and nearing extinction.

This alchemical formula comes directly from Sicharde’s lycanthropic Arcanum.

Three pills, made with authentic ingredients, and prepared under strict magical religious protocols.

While I cannot divulge the full ingredient list I will say bone meal and honey are majority, and no psychoactive properties are included.

One pill is ingested every four months which culminates a year long process and a personal initiation into the mysteries of Sicharde… certainly his favor is gained.

According to my Goetic tradition, taking these pills awakens dormant animalistic spiritual forces in the Magician, increasing his or her physical-astral vitality and infusing the most potent animals of European magical lore into their spiritual frame.

The formula is secondly a spiritual cleansing, as the fearsome might of Sicharde shreds any black magic presently on the Magician and keeps further evil influences at bay.

Lastly the Magician should experience increased psychic senses and discover shape shifting during astral projection, lucid dreaming, or trance states to feel very natural. Assuming the shape of an animal in order to deliver or avoid astral attacks is pinnacle to the lycanthropic mysteries.

I make no medical claims, or promises about the Goetic Lycanthropic Formula of Sicharde, nor is it my intent to diagnose, treat or cure any affliction you may or may not have.

This formula is prepared and offered for entertainment purposes only.