Machete Prepared under Zarabanda


$ 126.00

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I have been directed to prepare machetes/m'beles under Zarabanda for protection against evil, both physical and non-physical. 
The machete will be prepared under the mysteries of Palo Mayombe and blessed under Zarabanda.
Divinations will be done to link the machete to your own energy matrix/spiritual frame and what specifically will make the machete best ready to defend you and your home/family but what will also empower your courage, sense of well being, and increase your vitality. 
These personal inclusions are added on top of the foundational Palo Mayombe mysteries and Zarabanda's blessing. 
No machete/m'bele will be the same save that they will all be powerful and beautiful.
It is my honor and privilege to prepare these machetes/m'beles, not only as a righteous priest of Palo Mayombe but also a son of Zarabanda.