Mama Chola M'polo for Good Luck, Money and Road Openings.

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$ 40.00

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We can all use better luck in our lives. Luck is a strange and enigmatic force that some people just seem to have more of than others. Luck bends probability to our favor, and when fortune smiles on us, the whole world can be our oyster. Mama Chola is Lady Luck of Palo Mayombe. At times she seems fickle, but when you woo her, and lavish her with time and attention she becomes a loyal companion. This working lavishes Mama Chola with that time and attention on your behalf. With her blessings she increases the strength of your luck, improves your financial situation and opens your roads to better opportunities. This m'polo will typically burn for three days, and each day I pray to Nzambi and Mama Chola over the m'polo asking for greater luck, more money and that your roads be open until the m'polo burns out completely. Upon purchase we will discuss how to proceed.