Night Flight with Goetic Daemon Guland. Astral visitation, remote viewing divination, inception or retrieval.


$ 45.00

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A night time only (12 midnight to 3:33am) astral visitation, remote viewing divination, inception or retrieval with a true master of the night, the Goetic daemon Guland.

Through my Goetic magical tradition I can allow Guland to take partial possession of me and astral travel to anywhere and or anyone you wish. 

There I will report back what I see, and hear. Through Guland I can also affect the place or person in anyway that you desire.

This means blessing the person with vitality, or injecting sickness in them, placing a certain thought in their dreams, or implanting a suggestion in their consciousness. 

A place can also be affected in the same way, by either blessing it or cursing it. 

Depending on where the person and or place is, I will need to adjust my time frame so I can affect the target or targets when their time is Midnight to 3:33am. 

Finally I can attempt to retrieve.

This is a very esoteric practice.

If someone has stolen from you, I can take the astral energy of the item taken, store it, and inject it back into you or your place.

This will begin a type of transfer, as the physical object must follow and occupy where it's astral component is. 

This will follow its own natural time frame and is NOT instantaneous.

If the person has taken your pride, respect or dignity,  I can drain it away from them, and give it back to you.

I can then also implant the same situation they did to you, to happen to them. 

I am a fervent believer that bad things should happen to bad people. 

This an intense work and I will require exacting details in order to perform this work to its fullest. 

Phone consult will be required upon ordering.