One Year: Lucero Mundo Workings for you every three months for a full year.


$ 369.00

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My own personal practice of Palo Mayombe and my temple is very much in a growing phase.

Due to this I have made a pact with the keeper of the crossroads, Lucero Mundo to open the doors of myself and the members of my temple for good fortunes and insights.  

In return I have pledged to Lucero Mundo that for the next three years he will receive individual offerings and speciality attention every monday.

As I keep my agreements with him, Lucero Mundo will open the doors to better health, happiness, and success for myself and the members of my temple. Also Lucero Mundo will shut the doors to calamity, and sickness from entering in our lives, as well as closing the doors of our enemies creating confusion and chaos in their lives.

It is bound to be a demanding three years, but well worth the efforts, and highly rewarding.

Lucero Mundo has asked that I open you this work to others who would enjoy the very same blessings to flow into their lives.

Here is what this will all entail over the next full year.

  1. Every three months a major temple working will be performed with Lucero Mundo, asking that he opens your doors to health, happiness and success. Included is asking Lucero Mundo to shut the doors of yours enemies, forcing them to tend to mounting frustrations, and  affording them very little time to focus on you. Lastly Lucero Mundo will be asked to keep the doors of calamity, sickness, early death and mishap firmly closed not being able to manifest in your life.  
  2. Every three months on a Monday or Wednesday you can have 21 questions asked through the n’kobo or divination shells, and thrown directly over Lucero Mundo.
  3. Every three months a cleansing bath is divined for you over Lucero Mundo. This bath will keep you energetically clean, attract good fortunes, and will pull to you anything else Lucero feels you need to bring happiness in your life.
  4. Each year a protective amulet will be divined for you directly over Lucero Mundo to keep you safe and progressing in your life.

This year long working will echo through out your life for many years and Lucero Mundo is very likely to hold you in his favor for even more years to come. 

One further benefit, for this full year whenever my temple does rituals or workings (which is often), your name will be added and all those blessings, and protections will be available to you also.