Pact with any Goetic Daemon you choose.

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Pacting with a Goetic daemon is one of the most profound doorways into the Goetic/Grimoric Magical Tradition, as well as an essential exercise in terms of Goetic spirituality and sorcerous practice. 
Making a pact is just that, an agreement, which both parties mutually benefit from one another. 
The pact making I inherted from my Godfather and the Goetic tradition he passed on to me represent the immense value of human life and the mature mind set one must adopt to attain spiritual freedom. 
Pacting with a Goetic daemon is to make a "business" ally, a spiritual ally who now has your best interest because you are contributing to their interests. Such relationships are vital in your magical and spiritual development as they reveal the inherent nature of the universe in a number of ways.
1. All things have inherently their self interest as most important.
2. Even though self interest comes first, a person's self interest is best served in finding collective interests in which the individual benefits while supporting others who in turn support the individual. 
3. Spiritual progress and supernatural abilities are attained by keeping your agreements with spiritual entities. This intrinsic value will begin to bleed over to physical beings (people) who suddenly begin to see and gravitate towards you as they recognize you as a man or woman who keeps their word. 
4. A profound sense of stability comes from having solid relations with physical and non-physical entities with which you have established you see to their interests as they see to yours. 
A pact with a Goetic daemon in my tradition will bring you these things:
1. The daemon's protection.
2. The daemon's influence, dominion, and principalities directed towards benefiting your life.
3. Access to some of the lesser daemons that make up the legions under the daemon you are pacting in with.
4. Some form of permanent steady monetary gain.
5. Improved health and vitality.
6. Longevity.
7.  Increase of psychic ability.
8. Dreams concerning the daemon and the increase of lucid dreams.
9. Premonitions of the future.
In return you make a a highly sensible, responsible, safe and sane  blood offering to the Goetic daemon you are pacts with once a month. 
The pact continues as long as you make the offering. 
Which Goetic daemon you desire a pact with as largely up to you. 
When we begin I follow a set of protocols, I make the pact, and I listen to the daemon  speak about you as I prepare the necessary materials. I place in the packet and mixture anything else the daemon requires for you personally. This does not effect the initial cost in any way. 
I send you the mixture and a very secret process begins in which you and the spirit meet, and a pact is made.
For those who take on a pact I am always available for consult.