Service to Met Agwe for anything you need.

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Met Agwe is the great Naval captain of all the world's oceans and the jewel of the sea. 

Met Agwe is a mighty Loa indeed, a true king of the seas, and a powerful spirit of the depths.

His kindness, compassion and protective nature are very well known.

As a beneficiary you could have no better.  

Met Agwe is captain of a grand Loa navy, piloting the magnanimous ship the "Immamou" through the astral and physical waters.

Met Agwe ferries both souls and Loa back and forth between the eternal primordial paradise of Ginen and the physical world. 

When I was put "on-point" with Met Agwe, I received his hat and machete.

I was partially possessed by him and could hear the captain's voice in my head is if he was speaking through a distant storm.

He told me that I should make offerings for myself and others for the blessings of his abundance, his cleansing purification, guidance and protection. 

That is what I suggest.

Let me make offerings to him on your behalf for his great blessings. 

Let me go into medium trance and or even possession and discover any special messages Met Agwe, our Captain, has for you.  

Let me bring your name to the Captain's attention so that he can place you and your family under the protection and aid of his navy. 

Let me ask Met Agwe to cleanse you life, and get you new opportunities rolling in like the tides. 

-Papa Crocodile.