Seven day ritual to gain the blessings and favor of Och, governor of the Sun.

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The brilliant spirit Och is the governor of the planetary sphere the Sun. This Seven day ritual opens on a Sunday and ends midnight the following Saturday. Honest supplications are earnestly made on your behalf to Och so that you will gain his blessings. The favor of Och slowly begins to fade after seven months, but can easily be maintained by simple vigils and incantations once earned. 

The Arbatel De Magia Veterum says this of Och;

Och governs solar things;

1. Och can give 600 years, with perfect health.

2. Och can bestow great wisdom, and gives the most excellent Spirits guides.

3. Teaches perfect Medicines.

4. Can change all things into pure gold and precious stones.

5.  He gives a purse springing with gold.

6. Whoever is dignified with his character, he makes to be worshiped as a Deity, by the Kings of the whole world.