Surgat and the Four Winds Road Opening

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As well as being a Tata Nkisi Malongo of Palo Mayombe, I am a master magician of Planetary magick and initiated into a number of Grimories. Within Palo Mayombe I go to Lucero and the Four Winds of Mayombe to open pathways of communication and opportunities. 
However, when I am working the formidable tradition that is true Goetic Daemonolgy and Ritual Magic, the mighty Surgat is daemon/goetic spirit  astral key holder who can open any door, and render any restrain useless. I also go to work with the Four Winds of European magic, Erus, Notos, Zypherus, and Borus. These mighty allies rip through evil spirits, scatter psychic clutter, and fetter away bad thoughts. They literally blast fresh new air, and energy into a person's  life.
Surgat is a powerful, and highly mercurial spirit that can never be pinned down. This spirit is able slip past any blockade, and wiggle  free from any restraint. Surgat will  apply those talents for your benefit, to free up communications, and open doors to better opportunities, friendships, and a more functional meaningful life. 
As your doors open via Surgat, and the Four Winds blow the dust off your path revealing your way, you have a better possibility to realize greater and greater potentials about yourself. As you realize your potentials the people around you benefit as well, and that in turn gives them permission to increase their own standings. So on and so forth, the world benefits. 
My door openings are fast, and powerful. In this chaotic world, mired in greed and ran by psychopaths; the misery, confusion and despair they cause, either directly or indirectly, cause a lot of people's doors to become closed. 
The door openings I do bring a strong sense of comfort and peace to people, and they find their relationships improve, their work and social lives better, and communication with their spirits becomes much clearer. 
As a Priest of Palo Mayombe, and a Magician Priest of the Most High, ineffable, endless and eternal of Goetic based magic, it is my oath to offer what I can to help improve the quality of life for all who need it. Opening someone's door is just another way to do that.