The amulet of the Goetic daemon Guland


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The amulet of the daemon Guland is both a fearsome offensive and defensive fabrication replete with a plethora of sorcerous endowments.
Guland is keeper of the vampiric mysteries of the Goetic magical tradition.  He is intimately linked to the sensation of hunger in the body and governs over the catabolic qualities of the stomach. In the brief accounting of Guland given in the Grimoirium Verum it is said, “Guland can cause all varieties of disease”. It is known that many chronic diseases begin in the gut revealing the principalities of Guland also include elements of both fermentation and incubation. 
Guland can be understood as a vessel which like syringe has a needle for both drawing essences in, and once the proper transformational properties of either fermentation or incubation has occurred, the contents are purged through inoculation into another vessel.  
These understandings hold clues as to how the Goetic daemon Guland can cause all varieties of disease and yet just as miraculously cure them. This also hints at how a daemon so feared for his life draining fangs, can with the same bite restore vigor and vitality. 
Lastly a glimpse is offered on how one vampire is amongst the strongest protection against another vampire. 
The amulet of Guland acts as an astral skin which once worn and a ritual procedure followed, becomes part of the wearer’s energy matrix. 
This amulet wraps the wearer up as if he or she is now in a vessel which initiates a potent internal alchemical reaction of fermentation, and incubation. The wear’s astral body is put through a transformational re-genesis utilizing and improving the quality of their sexual energy. 
The result is the deepening of health reserves, increased psychic energy, ease of shape shifting, and frequent astral projections and/or lucid dreams. 
There is also the ability to enter into the “Shade of the World” or “World’s Shadow”. This is a specific frequency of the astral realm where Guland resides, and the cape wearer might be mentored in secret Arcanum form Guland, other vampire spirits or shadow entities. 
The wearer also becomes exceedingly resistant to black magic, psychic/vampire attacks or vampiric entities such as astral larvae, succubi, and hungry ghosts. 
The amulet of the Goetic Daemon Guland comes with full disclosure on everything the wearer will need to know about the amulet, and ALL its functions, including both the rituals and associated Arcanum.