The Dead Shall Rise and Devour the Living Dirt of the Goetic Damon Khil

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There are times when you just need to send truly bad work against someone. People either just don’t fear the consequences of their misguided actions, or feel so self entitled that they simply will not stop crossing your personal boundaries. It is sad, but it happens, and even worse is it happens more frequently than we want to admit. 
When certain people make you a target for their own mostly asinine reasons it can be a good idea to focus their attention elsewhere and make yourself less of an immediate concern. 
One dreadful tactic is to use a dirt formula which comes from the Arcanum of the Goetic Daemon Khil who rules over the earth and all the many powerful reactions under our feet that can forever change our lives.  
Khil is a Goetic Daemon that commonly goes overlooked because his dominions and principalities are near completely forgotten to the passing of time. 
Khil leverages influence over the layering of the earth, and thereby both the magnetic polarity resonance and the energetic layering over all living things. 
By changing the purpose of one layering, Khil can adhere the change and re-purposed layering to another. 
This is the “Dead shall rise up and devour the living” dirt. 
This dirt is a work of utter black magic. The process is to torment and disturb hungry ghosts, and bind them to a mound of dirt. 
This dirt now may be used to powerfully affect a person or place until a strong spiritual cleansing is performed and normally the person or persons themselves or who are in charge of the location just never know what has happened to them. 
The hungry dead will eat away at the persons and the place until there is very little or nothing left. 
Instructions will be included in purchase for how to apply this potent dirt in a myriad of different ways, on people or places both near and far.
I make enough dirt to last you a long time and many multiple uses.