The Necromantic Oil of the Goetic Daemonic Frucissiere.

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This is an exceedingly rare arcane oil which brings necromantic benefit and produces wondrous results for all experiments in spiritist science.

According to the lore of my goetic tradition the crafting of this oil was brought through a medium and Obeah man in Jamaica during a daemonic channeling session, circa 1900s. 

The daemon Frucissiere seized possession of the medium and started softly chanting an incantation in a low screechy voice. However that screechy voice very quickly became a shrill scream so loud all in attendance fell to the floor covering their ears in pain. 

The bones of the physical medium possessed by Frucissiere started glowing bright yellow and his skeleton could be seen blazing inside his body.

Pygmy like creatures who closely resembled wild pigs entered the temple bringing with them material from the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. 

The daemon Furcissiere, through his physical medium, prepared an oil in a bottle and once finished placed it on top of his sigil he drew with notable variants. 

All the attendees woke up with a start, laying on the floor.

A whole day had passed, and yet none had any memory what had happened once the daemon Frucissiere had finished the oil. 

The medium and Obeah man however now knew the secret of making this oil and the special sigil of Frucissiere to properly charge it.

Common occult understanding of Frucissiere stems from his brief detailing in the Grimorium Verum, where it states, Frucissiere "brings the dead to life". 

This has caused great deal of misinterpretations, and dangerous follies concerning the daemon Frucissiere.

In truth, the daemon Frucissiere brings life to what is dead.

This means Frucissiere, via the medium of various liquids and fluids, allows for spiritual life to reanimate dead physical matter. 

This oil does just that, and powerfully strengthens the mediumship of any necromancer in his or her ability to preform all works, divination, and consultation with and of the dead.

This oil is also a must for reanimating any dead matter used in Goetic magic be it plant, animal, or otherwise. 

The oil of Frucissiere is essential for any Goetic magician and it's applications are vast. 

This is a strong oil and only a drop is required for most working. 

You can, with confidence, except that this oil will last you a very long time.