The Nine Keys of the Nine Locks/Goetic Daemon Surgat

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Palo Mayombe has N’kuyu or Lucero Mundo, Voudu has Papa Legba, and Kimbanda has Exu. 
In the European Goetic tradition Lucifer stands at the cosmic crossroads, however it is the daemon Surgat who holds the keys, and who opens or closes the doors of destiny. 
The Nine Keys to the Nine Doors/Locks of the Goetic daemon Surgat is akin to receiving an Eshu or Lucero of the African traditions.  
Surgat is not the fiery live-wire energy that Lucero, Eshu, or Exu(s) tend to be. 
Surgat is airy, dispassionate and aloof.  He favors subtlety, utilizing a feather touch over brute force and prefers to do his work in the dark. 
Surgat answers requests seamlessly, and it is not uncommon to have your desires fulfilled before the results are consciously realized. 
Similar to having an Eshu, or Lucero, the Nine Keys to the Nine Doors/Locks of the Goetic daemon Surgat opens the doors to good fortunes, better health, love, money, security and progress. 
A clever keeper will also ask that Surgat lock the doors which calamity, accidents, unnatural death and disaster would use to enter into their life. 
The observant and more studied occultists will recall that both the Honorius and the Grimoiriun Verum state the daemon Surgat “opens all locks”, with no mention of doors. 
The “locks” are part of a hidden mystery within the Goetic tradition and I am somewhat limited to what I can disclose here. 
What I can say is that all of us come into the physical world shackled by nine specific restraints forged under planetary influences. Those familiar with the Gnostic acknowledgments that man is a prisoner and “reality” the prison, will correctly draw parallels between the two doctrines. 
The Nine Keys to the Nine Doors/Locks of the Goetic Daemon Surgat release the owner from the planetary restraints allowing for ease of energetic movement and fluidity between inter and extra dimensional states of reality and perception. 
This type of astral agility makes possible all sorts of astounding problem solving, and solution finding. 
The owner further benefits in that he or she is now exceeding difficult to work black magic against. 
The daemon Surgat is hardly understood by even so-called Goetic magicians and has proved horrendously difficult (if not truly impossible) to entrap by the very few true Goetic magicians who possess the real skill.  
Surgat does not fall under the same energy current as a Lucero, Ellegwa, or Eshu, so tying those spirits up (as proficient priests or magic workers of African traditions can indeed do) does not effect the daemon Surgat and perhaps most helpful is that the daemon Surgat will help untangle someone’s personal Lucero, Ellegwa or Eshu if they do become tied up. 
The Nine Keys to the Nine Doors/Locks of the Goetic Daemon Surgat is an authentic but exceedingly rare Goetic magical manufacture and will elevate you and your life style in ways that simply cannot be fully conceived.