Zarabanda Ritual for Divine Justice

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$ 60.00

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Zarabanda is a righteous and unconquerable warrior. Zaranbanda has a strong sense of justice, and an unshakable belief in what is right and what is wrong.  
Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and the people who have made the offense might have distance, temporal strength, or protection of authorities to shield them from experiencing the consequences of their actions.  They feel safe will hurting others, and as a priest of Palo Mayombe, and a son of Zarabanda.... that really pisses me off.
Calling on Zarabanda for divine justice protects you, but it also sets events in motion that bring ruin to those who have harmed you, your friends, your loved ones, your family, etc. 
This can manifest in serious accidents, health problems, arrests, jail time, or worse being visited upon the offender or offenders.
This is a potent Palo Mayombe ritual and very strong. 
Nothing can block Zarabanda from attaining justice. 
Be certain this is what you truly desire.